[Ravensfort] Weekly request for trolls

Lord Gundy lordgundy at charter.net
Tue Jul 17 01:31:10 PDT 2007

Yes, the weekly begging thing is late. Wanted to wait until after the 
business meeting to post it. Sorry, no begging this week, either. I'm tired 
and have metal shavings and sawdust in places I won't mention. I'll beg next 

Here's the schedule as of 7/17/07:

4pm – 7pm        Devin
7pm – 10 pm     Pace'

10pm – 1am      Zorcon
                         Mary of Axefoot

1am – 4am        Tareija
4am – 7am

7am – 10am

10am – 1pm

1pm – 3pm

Ld. Gundiok Sweinbrothar
I don't have to outrun the dragon, I just have to outrun you! 

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