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> Devin,
> This October the 13th is the 700 year anniversary of
> the 1307 mass arrest of the Knight Templers.  That
> might make an interesting topic for the Quoth that
> month.  
> Baron Brian, 
> Aren't you some how related to the Templers ?  Was
> it during that period ?

I believe that this topic was covered in the Quoth
last year around Halloween with a bad day in history
article about the Templars. The day was Friday the 13
in 1307 the Grand Master of the Templar order Jacques
De Moley was going to see the king of France to
pressure him in to calling a new crusade to retake
Acer and Jerusalem.......... it was not a good day! 

As for the relation ship between my brothers and I and
the holy order that you may be eluding to ......

Baroness Fionna and I have sworn an oath of fealty to
the King of Ansteorra to watch over his lands as his
Representative and to enforce his law. As long as
Baroness Fionna and I hold these lands in fife I will
not pursue interests with any one that may cause my
loyalty to the Crown or my service to our Barony to
come in to question. I have been released of my
obligations to my brothers so that I may serve my King
and Barony. This new obligation I do not take lightly
since my love for the land and all that make it whole
are more precious to me than some may know. I would
hope that one would sow seeds of love and care within
our land and not allow the weeds of dispraise and hate
to grow and suffocate the hard work that others are
doing. One day I hope to satisfy my service to my king
and know that I did serve my barony well. But until
that day comes we will honor the lord and the lady,
answer the call of battle and keep safe all who call
their home RAVEN'S FORT.

I think that the one issue of the Quoth should be on
Fealty and Service to ones Lord and King.

Your Baron.

Brian du Val
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