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Berta Allen bertasdragonfly at yahoo.com
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  Look at the birdy & smile!  The link below will take you to the website to view different cameras at different listed points in & around Houston (Huntsville included).  Houston Trans Star was set up not long after Hurricane's Katrina & Rita to assist in mass evacuation routes, etc.  
  A friend of mine from work showed me this link (& that is him standing on the overpass at Hwy 30 & I-45N in Huntsville, TX -on the shoulder next to his bike, waving at the camera for this picture...  He wanted a picture of him doing just that- doesn't take much to entertain these guys, we work for the state).
  ie: You can view I-45N from Huntsville all the way down to the other side of Houston (I-45S), traffic, weather, etc.  Just when you think your not being observed... guess again!  There are other links to other streets, freeways/highways, regions/areas of Texas too.  US290, SH105...
  Now we in the SCA-eastern part of Central, Southern & Coastal Regions (to start with-I haven't completely explored the website) have a tool to use before traveling to an event or day trip practice, etc.  I have heard many times "It was pouring at my house, so I figured it was raining at 'X' too."  We pull this up & get an idea of the weather near to where we are planning on going to.
  or you can go to the website if you get really, really bored - it is a pretty interesting website... Enjoy!
  HE Chrsytal Ariana MacRuari

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