[Ravensfort] June 17th fighter practice food list

David Brown lddevin03 at yahoo.com
Sun Jun 3 08:32:54 PDT 2007

This is the current list of food that folks are
bringing. What are YOU going to bring! As you can
see, I am listed for several things...don't let a
few people bring everything and then you expect
to eat! We are a COMMUNITY & FRIENDS...Please let
me know soon. This is only 2 weekends away! 

June 17th Fighter Practice food sign up.

Hamburger and hot dog buns – Klar (2 pkgs of
hamburger buns)

mustard - Devin

ketchup/catsup - Devin

pickle relish - Devin

salad dressing

sliced onions - Devin

sliced tomatoes – Lady Mary Axefoot

cheese slices swiss and american

potato salad
chips – Devin (3 bags)


deserts and things –  cookies & cooler for
gatorade – Racheal & Tora

hamburger meat -  Baron Brian

hot dogs – Ivan

veggie tray & cucumber tomato salad – Baroness

crème puff things & soda – Maria Bulgarelli

grilled chicken - Kitsune

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