[Ravensfort] Ladies in waiting needed....

Wed Jun 20 06:04:55 PDT 2007

Guys in waders will do too.
Here's the deal....
Berta is having her foot chopped off on the Friday before Blue Moon.
Or, something like that, anyway, in order to assure her comfort through
the day, I'd like a few people to commit to her service.
I've got her a wheelchair lined out and a big easy chair.  Dr. says she
has to keep her foot above her heart.  She's had it in her mouth a few
times, so that part shouldn't be too difficult...
Mostly just keep a eye on her and don't let the dogs lick the bandage.
It may also involve a ride to and from home.  
Any takers, work out needs and requirements with Berta.
The Lord of the Manor has also granted her the honorary title of 'Blue
Moon Princess'.  He was going to make her 'Blue Moon Queen' but the
jailor got that title...   
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