[Ravensfort] News Flash! Blue Moon!

Wed Jun 20 07:22:12 PDT 2007

The Lord of the Manor has dirt...

....and in other news:

So far about 15-18 people have indicated they will be attending the Blue
Moon Celebration on June 30.  If you are attending, please send a herald
confirming your attendance to the Lord of the Manor.  The Lord of the
Manor hopes to ensure comfort in your every whim, so a head count is
required.  Anyone is welcome, from any where, so invite yer friends.


We have menu items:  

Lord Ivan's favorite corn dish, with corn and dish
Lady Love's Lemony Snickett Chicken
Lord Malcolm's Green Potato Salad
Anyone I'm missing?

The Lord of the Manor will have his smoker online and a bbq grill, so we
can accommodate ded animal products.

The Lord of the Manor needs commitments for ice, beverages, snacks,
breads, etc.


The Privy been requested from the local province.  Several people have
made commitment to the Privy indulgence.  Total cost is $70.36.
There'll be a kitty for the privy as well.  Just don't pet it, please.


Some interest has been expressed in fighting activities, which The Lord
of the Manor highly encourages.  As was mentioned, he is building a
village.  Around sunset the village gets torched.  Idea is to photo op
some fighters in front of the burning village...


Games master!  We need a Games Master!


We are 10 days out from Blue Moon.


Directions:  go almost to the site and turn left

----end transmission



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