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Good Morning one and all,

  While we do not like the circumstances that have brought us to our
  current state, we are doing our best to handle the issue as promptly,
  efficiently and legally as possible. Unfortunately it raises many
  questions and I will attempt to clarify some of these now.

  The upcoming Crown Tournament will be a *new* tournament meaning it
  is open to any and all that are present, capable of fulfilling the
  duties and found acceptable to the various requirements. There were
  no technical nor legal issues with the tournament or the entrants which
  would have required a re-fight of the original entrants. There are
  simply personal issues that do not allow Their Graces Patrick Michael
  and Julia to fulfil their duties as Heirs and Crown because their lives
  must come first and foremost. Since there has been a lot of concern
  voiced, I want to assure everyone that they are healthy, whole and safe.

  There have been some questions come up regarding the legality of the
  new Crown Tournament venue. After discussions with the Crown, Acting
  Kingdom Seneschal, Society Seneschal, and Board ombudsman, it is felt
  that we have met the letter and intent of our law with the efforts we
  have done which are as follows:

- Announcement on site to make it a change of law
- E-mail list notifications to aid in rapid dissemination
- Direct notification from Their Majesties to as many of the previous entrants
  as could be reached in person or via phone
- E-mail notification from the Kingdom Seneschal to all pre-reg entrants
- One-time US mailing from the Kingdom Chronicler coming out immediately

  Finally, in order to facilitate check-in at the upcoming Crown Tournament,
  you can now pre-register at:

  This new tournament is titled 'Special Fall 2007'.

  I hope that this information clears up the remaining confusions that
  have been voiced.

In Service,
Master Phelim Gervase called Pug
Acting Kingdom Seneschal

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