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Hello everyone, Our next business meeting will be at Enjay's in Conroe on Monday, Nov.19 at 7pm.  Lord Alaric will be running this meeting as my deputy. Speaking of, the bardic drumming was very fun. We were jamming very well together. I counted 10 members including the dog whose tail was doing a good job of keeping time too! When you petted him!!  
   You should see the ? What's it called? Belly belt thingy that Alaric is making ,  it is soooo awesome. Sorry I forgot the real name of it but you get the idea!
   If you are planning on  Autocrating our Feb. event then the paperwork needs to be at the business meeting for approval and then sent in by the end of this month. I have been told if this does not happen then we will have to cancel our event. No choice.
  We also still need a Herald and an  A&S Minister to continue our Baronial status. We need someone to be a deputy to Chronicler. All of these jobs must have people in them very soon. No one has come forward yet to step into these positions. If you have been thinking about it please step forward now.  Thanks.
     On other topics, I was thinking of having our Yule tree really look the part. Anyone know the history of Yule trees? When did they become popular and what could we decorate with on Friday night of Yule to make it look the part. We could always do popcorn strings. We have a micro out in the barn and could eat and string?  Idea for discussion. Don't forget to RSVP to me so I can get an approx. count. We need to get tables from the site for this. Any volunteers?
 Love and service, Giovanna

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