[Ravensfort] The Watchful Bird, a riddle

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Below is a riddle that appeared in the August "Quoth the Raven".  For those of you that do not receive the newsletter it is reprinted here.  If I have not received a correct answer by feast Saturday afternoon at Defender of the Fort I will divulge the solution.  Good luck.  

>>> The Watchful Bird <<<                                         

           A riddle by Lord Marivs Atreidae


A stone seated raven 

              with a central view 

                     watched long years passed by

Sanding alone 

            all secrets known 

                   to the site of its one peering eye


Assassins are crafty, 

                 they crept and they hide 

                         the signature of their red art

So then laid to rest 

                where royal bones nest 

                       near the fire deep in our heart


Baronesses with excellent dresses 

                              and their Barons 

                                   they come and they go

A parade of the masses, 

               all of both classes 

                   and still the bird takes in the show


But seasons they change 

             and winter it thaws 

                and hope blooms in the new growth

>From shadow to light 

             now standing up right 

                 by the faithful that come for an oath


The Assassin returns 

               with the hand of a Saint 

                     to up root and feathers they flew

And where they now settle, 

                      well that is the riddle, 

                              in sight of more than a few


Oh, Where can I be  

                   And What can I be  

                               Or Who can I possibly be

I look to my past 

                 and across the green grass 

                          with the raven's eye fix on me
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