[Ravensfort] Work Taunting Alert !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thu Sep 6 14:00:46 PDT 2007

The Lord of the Manor would have me announce:

All is well at the Manor, however we did have a serious plague scare.
Without getting much into detail we had an outbreak of boils and
pustules after Goatsie the traveling pot mender visited for a few

It got bad too...

I won't get into all the squeezing, ducking, and diving that was going
on, but turns out it was not the plague.  Instead it appears to have
been the combination of high fructose corn syrup we were putting in the
gruel, a run on Mountain Dew, the sugar beet harvest, and the wagon load
of chocolate turtles, jelly filled Long Johns, and caramel prunes we'd
liberated from a passing band of penguins which, it now appears, were
headed for the Holy Lands with ransom for the Duke of Chutney (honest, I
still think they were nuns, but am over-ruled by my editor).  In other
words, we had an outbreak of zits, or "ZEET!" if you are a Saracen.  

So, taunt me your best!  I have heard "ZEET!" so often as of late, that
I'm gun shy and will likely make a reflexive dive for the nearest

Oh, and I forgot to mention, Ravens Thunder's Camp has been
"Oblidderated."  That's with a BIG O. Totally mowed down as I hear it.
Somehow the Saracens got 'Goat Weed' and 'Goatsie' lost in translation
and took their revenge.  From what I hear they were swinging like washer
women out there...

Nicklas and Kezia, sorry about the table.  All the fancy restraints came
in handy during our little scare, but I wouldn't eat off of it just yet.
All the dealybobs got used for lack of cotton balls and the bicycle
horns will probably have that 'squinchy' sound into perpetuity, but
we'll get the rest of her cleaned up, eventually...  

ORH-Just in case, for any odd reason, you happen to need to know...

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