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Mon Sep 24 19:49:35 PDT 2007

Yeah, we joke about people who "accidentally" wear all white...
  Those poor painters got the surprise of their life I'm sure.  Stuff like makes me think of  "Robin Hood", but they did not kill the king's deer...

Sher M <runa.herd at earthlink.net> wrote:
          If she was on horseback then she was what we use to refer to as a High Rider.   All the horses for TDC used to be raised and trained at Goree.  I have a Best Friend who works at Wynne Unit day shift and almost freaked out when I heard.  She used to work with me at WCSO as a deputy.  Thankfully I know she would shoot first and ask questions later.  Also used to know the guy that trained all the dogs.  The dogs are trained or used to be trained to track by clothing and by a naked body so it didn't matter if they changed clothes or took them off.  I was so aware of inmate garb that when I saw 2 guys in the woods next to my house one morning that were in all white I reported them.  Turned out to be 2 guys that were painters and had gone into the woods to take a leak.
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