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Thank you so much for your donations.  The Barony will buy the batteries.

I believe that there are a limited number of places we will need lights.

* To accent trees near the entry gate
* At the kitchen end of the Equestrian camping on the short path that runs 
just a few feet through the woods.  Only one or maybe two lights there.
* We have never had lights in the showers, but it might not be a bad idea if 
mounted away from the spout side.  One in each shower would be four.
* In the port-a-cans.  I believe that we have reserved six normals and one 
handicap.  Since we are expecting a larger than normal crowd, maybe we 
should consider one or two more.

I can't think of anywhere else we need any.  Can anyone else ?

Vlod NotVlad

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> The battery operated strings of lights I offered free and clear to the 
> Barony.
> I bought them either half price or when they were 75-90% off after various 
> Xmas Sales.
> Same with 2 pairs of the battery operated candles.  They were half price, 
> can you tell I'm a sale freak?
> Think Chrystal said there was a package of AA batteries.  4 use them, 
> single candles use AA and 2 use C batteries.
> The lights I'll donate to the Barony.  Anyone else have some extra 
> batteries laying around?
> A package of white paper sacks are fairly cheap at Sam's Club and easy to 
> replace if someone sits on one.
> Not sure how the glow light would fare but the bag could be replaced ASAP.
> I know the glow light I put outside my back tent flap at Bordermarch 
> lasted from dark to past daylight and
> I got them at Wally World.
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>> Lots and lots of good suggestions.
>> Yes, I agree,  the SCA should stay as "period" as possible.  I have 
>> always gone out of my way to try to keep my little corner of the Society 
>> that way.
>> The reason I would like to use the battery string lights around the trees 
>> near the gate is because at a past event one of our valued Equestrians 
>> could not see the trees when backing up at night and so bent up their 
>> nice trailer.  Not good.  Since the lights can not even be seen from the 
>> Troll Booth I decided that we could get away with the modern look at the 
>> gate for the sake of accommodating the dark impaired.
>> Another consideration is the cost.  Since my Defender budget was passed 
>> we have added the attendance of a Pelican Circle, the Royal Huntsman and 
>> last but certainly not least, the King.  The feast budget has been 
>> raised... sort of, but the rest of the package has not.  I am having to 
>> account for every penny carefully.
>> Coleman lanterns are unfortunately a necessary evil sometimes.  I hate 
>> trying to see at a dimly lit Troll Booth.  If the lantern is hung 
>> correctly it is little problem to anyone.  Hung high in the pavilion it 
>> gives off plenty of light for filling out forms and counting money, but 
>> it is not in your eyes and does not throw light all over the site.
>> For feast I want to throw ropes over high limbs so the lanterns will hang 
>> thirty feet or more off the ground for feast time only.  With the light 
>> so high they shouldn't be in anyone's eyes and should throw a nice pale 
>> glow on everything.  Feast at The Stones can be miserably dark.
>> That is how I perceive things.  Please do not let me discourage 
>> suggestions !  They have all been very good.  I love the online dialog. 
>> Great progress comes after diverse brain stormin'.  As Alaric would say, 
>> "It's all good".
>> Peace,
>> Vlod NotVlad

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