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Sher M runa.herd at earthlink.net
Tue Aug 12 18:10:15 PDT 2008

The battery operated strings of lights I offered free and clear to the 
I bought them either half price or when they were 75-90% off after various 
Xmas Sales.
Same with 2 pairs of the battery operated candles.  They were half price, 
can you tell I'm a sale freak?
Think Chrystal said there was a package of AA batteries.  4 use them, single 
candles use AA and 2 use C batteries.
The lights I'll donate to the Barony.  Anyone else have some extra batteries 
laying around?

A package of white paper sacks are fairly cheap at Sam's Club and easy to 
replace if someone sits on one.
Not sure how the glow light would fare but the bag could be replaced ASAP.

I know the glow light I put outside my back tent flap at Bordermarch lasted 
from dark to past daylight and
I got them at Wally World.

Sher Montgomery & The Thundering Herd

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> Lots and lots of good suggestions.
> Yes, I agree,  the SCA should stay as "period" as possible.  I have always 
> gone out of my way to try to keep my little corner of the Society that 
> way.
> The reason I would like to use the battery string lights around the trees 
> near the gate is because at a past event one of our valued Equestrians 
> could not see the trees when backing up at night and so bent up their nice 
> trailer.  Not good.  Since the lights can not even be seen from the Troll 
> Booth I decided that we could get away with the modern look at the gate 
> for the sake of accommodating the dark impaired.
> Another consideration is the cost.  Since my Defender budget was passed we 
> have added the attendance of a Pelican Circle, the Royal Huntsman and last 
> but certainly not least, the King.  The feast budget has been raised... 
> sort of, but the rest of the package has not.  I am having to account for 
> every penny carefully.
> Coleman lanterns are unfortunately a necessary evil sometimes.  I hate 
> trying to see at a dimly lit Troll Booth.  If the lantern is hung 
> correctly it is little problem to anyone.  Hung high in the pavilion it 
> gives off plenty of light for filling out forms and counting money, but it 
> is not in your eyes and does not throw light all over the site.
> For feast I want to throw ropes over high limbs so the lanterns will hang 
> thirty feet or more off the ground for feast time only.  With the light so 
> high they shouldn't be in anyone's eyes and should throw a nice pale glow 
> on everything.  Feast at The Stones can be miserably dark.
> That is how I perceive things.  Please do not let me discourage 
> suggestions !  They have all been very good.  I love the online dialog. 
> Great progress comes after diverse brain stormin'.  As Alaric would say, 
> "It's all good".
> Peace,
> Vlod NotVlad

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