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Lots and lots of good suggestions.

Yes, I agree,  the SCA should stay as "period" as possible.  I have always 
gone out of my way to try to keep my little corner of the Society that way.

The reason I would like to use the battery string lights around the trees 
near the gate is because at a past event one of our valued Equestrians could 
not see the trees when backing up at night and so bent up their nice 
trailer.  Not good.  Since the lights can not even be seen from the Troll 
Booth I decided that we could get away with the modern look at the gate for 
the sake of accommodating the dark impaired.

Another consideration is the cost.  Since my Defender budget was passed we 
have added the attendance of a Pelican Circle, the Royal Huntsman and last 
but certainly not least, the King.  The feast budget has been raised... sort 
of, but the rest of the package has not.  I am having to account for every 
penny carefully.

Coleman lanterns are unfortunately a necessary evil sometimes.  I hate 
trying to see at a dimly lit Troll Booth.  If the lantern is hung correctly 
it is little problem to anyone.  Hung high in the pavilion it gives off 
plenty of light for filling out forms and counting money, but it is not in 
your eyes and does not throw light all over the site.

For feast I want to throw ropes over high limbs so the lanterns will hang 
thirty feet or more off the ground for feast time only.  With the light so 
high they shouldn't be in anyone's eyes and should throw a nice pale glow on 
everything.  Feast at The Stones can be miserably dark.

That is how I perceive things.  Please do not let me discourage suggestions 
!  They have all been very good.  I love the online dialog.  Great progress 
comes after diverse brain stormin'.  As Alaric would say, "It's all good".

Vlod NotVlad

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> Karen Picou wrote:
>>> One thing I have seen used at event to light roads are glow sticks
>>> (Most party stores have them and are cheap) they work well and do
>>> not damage cars and are easy to pick up they were just tied to
>>> stakes.. Just a thought Ophelia
> Light sticks are good. Can't cause a fire, will last all night if you get 
> the right ones, and put off enough light to see whatever they're marking. 
> White paper bags with a few yellow lightsticks in them might work nicely 
> for lighting paths without looking too horribly mundane. I'll dig up a 
> link to a place that has them for less than the usual insane local prices. 
> Never pay more than $1 for a standard output 8 or 12 hour lightstick. I 
> usually buy 'em for around $5/dozen. A buck is normal for the high output 
> 1 hour sticks that wouldn't do us any good.
> Hmm, wonder if I could design a simple circuit board that would snap on 
> top of a 9v and run a few LEDs, with a phototransistor to turn them off 
> during the day. Too late to get a batch of boards made and soldered, but 
> could be good for the future.
> Reflective tape around trees/posts and reflectors on a steek are both good 
> on the road in, too. People will have their headlights on so they'll at 
> least have a chance to avoid hitting something. Reflective thumbtacks are 
> great for marking footpaths. We need to do that in Swein camp, actually. 
> Reflective rope would be awesome, but it's not easy to find and costs a 
> fortune.
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