[Ravensfort] Lighting

Sher M runa.herd at earthlink.net
Tue Aug 12 20:37:12 PDT 2008

Therasia wrote:
> hmmmmm....really makes me wonder what you'd be doing
> so you'd be worrying about running into a heavy fighter in
> armour in the dark...hmmmm.....  Is there something about
> you that you should be telling us, Runa dear?  (insert
> innocent blank stare plus guileless batting of eyelashes here)

Hang on a second while I add layers of eyelash goop so they bat properly...
Too much beer/stout/mead/wine and port-a-privy too far to run in a long 
Plus coke bottle thick glasses.

> It's always better to be safe and mundane than
> period and not-so-safe.  Staying in or under
> budget gets a lot votes from me too.  And consider
> that there isn't all that much time left before our event.
> There's still stuff to do at the site.  Proposals and
> hallucinations about hiding mundane light sources
> under medievaloid wrappers are all well and good,
> but safe and not-over-budget takes precendence.

A package of white small paper sacks would be extremely easy and cheap to 
Gundy seems to know where to get some cheap good glow sticks.  What was it? 
5 for $1?

> After all, the barony can't take over the rest of the
> kingdom in a day...and we probably can't make the
> nightscape at our event absolutely perfect while
> staying under budget between  now and 4 weeks from
> now either.  So maybe we should store up the lighting
> ideas and the evil plots for taking over Ansteorra for next
> year's event.  It'll give us something to do over the Winter...

Who says we can't take over the rest of the kingdom in a day... those of you 
with such little
faith in evil, ancient hags and hags in training could unite and probably do 
it in 8 hours.  If
the reward was sufficient...

Runa The Evil & The Thundering Herd

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