[Ravensfort] Lighting

SFT2 sftester2 at gmail.com
Wed Aug 13 13:16:45 PDT 2008

Sher M wrote:

> A package of white small paper sacks would be extremely easy and
> cheap to purchase.
> Gundy seems to know where to get some cheap good glow sticks.  What
> was it? 5 for $1?

About 2.5 for a buck. I'll dig up some links. Remember this: "Fast, good, 
and cheap. Pick two."

Found some 6" yellow sticks at $8/25 ($.32/ea) 
Here's some 6" 12 hour sticks at $47/100 ($.47/ea) 
4" 12 hour at $32/100 ($.32/ea) 

Could let the kids decorate bags Saturday to keep them away from the 
kitchen. Wouldn't do for them to become feast again.

> Who says we can't take over the rest of the kingdom in a day... those
> of you with such little
> faith in evil, ancient hags and hags in training could unite and
> probably do it in 8 hours.  If
> the reward was sufficient...

Don't forget, the rest of the kingdom doesn't have access to Swein 
mercenaries, either.
"If you're normal the crowd will accept you, but if you're deranged the
crowd will make you their leader." -Titus 

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