[Ravensfort] please help a young man with tumor and no health insurance

trisha marlowe sillyzills at hotmail.com
Wed Aug 20 13:47:16 PDT 2008


Hello, all...... I am forwarding this email in an effort to help out a young man in trouble. A 23 year old man named Earl has a very large tumor growing quickly on his back and he has no health insurance.  He is in desperate need of financial help and all of the good thoughts/juju/prayers/blessings/whatever you want to callits he can get.  Please click on the Help Earl pdf attatchment to view the flyer and contact info.  Print it out if you can and hang it in your place of business or wherever else someone may let you.  This is a way to directly help out a young man in need.Thank you for your time....Now back to whatever else you were doing before you clicked this email.  ~*~ trisha/tareija 
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