[Ravensfort] 30th of August Work day. A day to Just HORSE AROUND

John Reuter brian_the_french_norman at yahoo.com
Wed Aug 20 21:22:31 PDT 2008

I understand that the Autocrat is concerned about the Equestrian camping area and the stables not being ready for the event. I know that this area of our site is in bad shape but lets look back a few years and see what has happened as I can remember......    
     The Equestrian area was picked out and chosen by members of the greater LOCH, STARGATE and RAVEN'S FORT Equestrian Guild over 11 years ago. Member included Mistress Jennet Morningstar, Sir Alexis, Lady Saran and Lord Bowen of Gates Edge and members of the Camelot Equestrian Center. It was an impressive organization that after a few years time its ranks thinned . The stables were an attempt to build an area to place the horses that never was finished. The Guild kind of fizzled and now we have an area that the Kingdom Equestrian Performers feel is in dis-repair. This has been for some time now. Knot knowing the past and who started it all gave us a negative light to be in for any one who participated in our equestrian activities to be our CHAMPION the Baronial Chevalier. 
     I am planning to be at the site early on Sunday the 30th of August cleaning, cutting, building and mowing the whole equestrian camp area and stables. If any one would like to help I would be happy to have your help. I will also be cooking some bratwurst and hot dogs with all the fix-ins and even a few cold beverages to wash them down. If any one wants to bring some thing else to eat or add to the table feel welcome! Just let me know.

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