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Hello everyone, I want to thank Runa for opening up her business place Thursday night for us to sew and talk, laugh etc. The place is really coming along nicely. 
  At the site Thursday Pace and I worked most of the day. He brought the tractor and mowed for 5 hours. He did first cut on the driveway, equestrian camping area and the archery area. I clipped the road bushes wider, made a larger drive next to the big metal pipe so equestrian could drive their trailers next to the pipe not over it, if it is dry! I cut more in the equestrian camping area so they could see through to the kitchen, I promised them this. I also moved some big limbs for Pace to mow easier.
 We discovered poison ivy growing up every tree in the eq. camping area. I think for now we can only spray the lower leaves of it so no one will brush their head on it. But Vlod and I think maybe we should not sever it from the tree yet because of its possible shedding right before the event. We can do that at a later date.
  We discovered a white post on the bridge is rotten and needs to be replaced. We could maybe use one of the brown ones. I will volunteer to paint it white when we have our next workday, if someone will put the reflectors on it and sink it. You will need a hammer and some nails at site and maybe a post hole digger. We have these if need be and can bring them next weekend. I want to make the changing room nice and paint white posts myself next workday, the 6th of Sept.
  YIS, G

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