[Ravensfort] We have a new addition!!!

Sher M runa.herd at earthlink.net
Mon Dec 8 17:35:48 PST 2008

Hmmm I know nothing... Bring on the torture chamber and I will still not 
'fess up to any knowledge of said Rooter/Reuter...
But if (IF) I did then I would blame it all on the trainer of The Thundering 

Lady Runa of the Thundering Herd
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> The Lord of the Manor would have me announce:
> As yet it is unknown as to the providence of our most recent occupant of 
> the manor, but it appears we have a new.... er, dog.  Or at least, half of 
> a dog.  He barks, he digs, he passes gas. In fact he is so intent on 
> digging that we have yet to see anything of his head.  Although there has 
> been some speculation his head might exactly be that for which he is 
> digging...
> Having not seen his head we are uncertain of his breed.  Could be that he 
> is a Pointer.  If so, he is currently pointed at China.  Could be that 
> he's Irish, but he is certainly no sitter.  If he is a huhuahua... we are 
> confident that it's a He-huhuahua and not a She-huhuahua.
> You will be pleased to know his name is "Rooter."  An obvious name, 
> considering his preoccupation with digging.  Should it prove that he is of 
> Austrian, Hungarian, or German decent, we are prepared to rename him....
> wait for it...
> :P ...
> "Reuter."
> After considerable struggle we have abandoned all effort to liberate 
> Rooter from his diggings.  Partly because our tug-of-war champions became 
> winded, partly because of the emissions from Rooter's tooter, and partly 
> out of concern that his tail would come off. As it appears he is not 
> stuck, in heat, or making much progress downward we are no longer 
> concerned for his safety but will maintain 24 hour surveillance for other 
> possible vulnerabilities...
> Regards,
> DSD (personal scribe to the LoTM)
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