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Having seen Reuter for myself I can testify that all is said by L of the M is sooo true. Thanks for the great laugh. Can't wait to visit him in his new home. G

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The Lord of the Manor would have me announce:

As yet it is unknown as to the providence of our most recent occupant of the
manor, but it appears we have a new.... er, dog.  Or at least, half of a dog. 
He barks, he digs, he passes gas. In fact he is so intent on digging that we
have yet to see anything of his head.  Although there has been some speculation
his head might exactly be that for which he is digging...

Having not seen his head we are uncertain of his breed.  Could be that he is a
Pointer.  If so, he is currently pointed at China.  Could be that he's
Irish, but he is certainly no sitter.  If he is a huhuahua... we are confident
that it's a He-huhuahua and not a She-huhuahua.

You will be pleased to know his name is "Rooter."  An obvious name,
considering his preoccupation with digging.  Should it prove that he is of
Austrian, Hungarian, or German decent, we are prepared to rename him....

wait for it...

:P ...


After considerable struggle we have abandoned all effort to liberate Rooter
from his diggings.  Partly because our tug-of-war champions became winded,
partly because of the emissions from Rooter's tooter, and partly out of
concern that his tail would come off. As it appears he is not stuck, in heat, or
making much progress downward we are no longer concerned for his safety but will
maintain 24 hour surveillance for other possible vulnerabilities...

DSD (personal scribe to the LoTM)
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