[Ravensfort] Gundy's POD update

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Tue Dec 16 01:53:39 PST 2008

Not much to report, really, but I figure I've been quiet for a while, so
I'll babble semi-coherently before my sleeping pills eventually start to

Saturday I went out to the back half of the site to lay waste to some
zombies and the berm is holding up great. I still need to build the
"outhouse" to store range equipment, as well as some target stands, etc. I
really need to talk to an archery marshal about what we need there so I can
work that into the plans. Right now there's room for 25-30 yards easily, and
the brush past that isn't anything the big orange dragon can't make go away.

We've looked it over and there's maybe a day's work to do on the barn before
starting on the stalls. I need to talk to an equestrian type sometime and
get a good plan for that going.

I have another deer at the processor, so there will be sausage at the work
weekend in Feb. Hmm, here's an idea. Everyone come up with something that
can be cooked on a spit, stake, or coals and I'll build a long, skinny fire
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