[Ravensfort] Plague rats

SF Tester sftester2 at gmail.com
Tue Dec 16 02:11:17 PST 2008

Does anyone want a plague rat or two? I'll supply the rat, bring your own
plague. Both momma rats are pregnant, one due any minute now, the other
right around Christmas, and I will only need about half a dozen of the
expected 15-20 babies. The rounder mom, Smurf, is solid blue, less round is
Eep, who is black agouti hooded, and Harley, dad, is fawn hooded. If I did
all the genetic figuring right, there's a fair chance of platinum babies,
and more than likely more blue and fawn. I'm hoping for black agouti,
platinum, and fawn, all solid, and eventually siamese, but I'm not holding
my breath there. I'm guessing the first litter will be weened around 1/15,
the second around 1/24. I plan on handling the babies as much as possible,
so they should be tame when they go to where ever they wind up.

I have to flee now, Eep is building a nest, but apparently she wants it
outside the cage door. All she's managing to do is shove ALL the litter out
the door, making a huge mess. She's a strange critter...
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