[Ravensfort] A message from the moderator . . . was: list moderation please

Cathal SilAlmhain silalmhain at yahoo.com
Fri Mar 14 10:44:13 PDT 2008

Sorry all:

I forgot to mention in the post below that I am
interested in receiveing any and all emails that
anyone on this list would like for me to look at.  I
have received a couple already, but what I have
received indicates to me that there is a little more
out there that I haven't seen yet.

I'd like to receive everything by saturday evening.
I'll spend some time sunday reading through
everything, that way I can have a report of the
findings of the investigation by monday morning.

With any luck, monday morning's report will be that
last anyone on the list hears about what i will call
(at least for the moment) the "march mis-post"

Thanks again!

your co-moderator.

--- Cathal SilAlmhain <silalmhain at yahoo.com> wrote:

> Dear Everyone:
> This is Cathal, you co-moderator.
> I don't think I need to add anything to the series
> of
> posts by way of explanation.  I do, however, want to
> make a couple of brief notes.
> 1.  I am watching what is going on.
> 2.  I am investigating what happened, and why/how.
> 3.  I do not have any evidence that would suggest
> that
> someone should be moderated for any period of time. 
> That doesn't mean that further investigation won't
> show me something that changes my mind--I just
> haven't
> seen it yet.
> 4. I would suggest, as has been suggested by others
> alreay, that we move on.
> 5. Any other inquiries/comments on the subject of
> the
> mis-post should be directed to myself, mirabelis
> (who
> will return soon enough), the baron, or the other
> proper authorities.  No more posts to the list on
> this
> subject, please.
> Thanks!
> Vivat Ravensfort!
> Death to Trimaris!
> Sincerely,
> Your co-moderator
> Cathal
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