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I am, but with you, I still need one.


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Hey Dolfin, are you up to running yet?!  I'll give you a head start...  ;o)


"Noli simul flare sorbereque"

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Plus you can chase grandchildren across a list field. Dolfin-----Original Message----- From: bertasdragonfly at yahoo.comSubject: Re: [Ravensfort] Do's & Don'tsFor those that know me, this is why I wear pants almost all the time!!!  I bet you couldn't keep from grinning though...  (ouch - getting whiplash &/or falling on your face like that really hurts... been there, done that - glad to read you didn't) At least it wasn't in the rain or sleet...~chrystal~"Noli simul flare sorbereque"From: Sher M <runa.herd at earthlink.net> I have discovered that one must practice wearing a gown with a train. I have also discovered that one must not practice wearing a gown with a train if one has two German Shepherds. Thankfully I do not have whiplash from having 85 pounds of dog sit on the train as I walked past. Nor did I fall flat on my face when the 67 pounds pounced on the train. Runa The Disgruntled & The Thundering Herd -ansteorra.org

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