[Ravensfort] Setting for Defender of the Fort

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Sun May 11 11:55:55 PDT 2008

Baron Brian and Baroness Fionna,

I am hoping that you both will post a few web site addresses relating to the place and time and events you would like as the historical backdrop for Defender of the Fort.  A list of a few key words would be very helpful as well.  

I have less than two months before I need the first BlackStar ad in.  I'd like to have different first paragraphs as intros for August and September so I have to have a very good idea what is going in  both.  This will allow me to sink a hook of interest the first month and then reel 'em in to the event by peeking that interest the second month.  

Plus, I really believe that a very  important part of every event should be historical research.  It certainly is for me.  I have learned much more about the middle-ages by autocrating events that by any other means.  It's time for me to learn again.  Please, teach me and the rest of the members of Raven's Fort.

In peaceful service to the Barony,
Vlod NotVlad

" Trust in Allah, but tie your camel. "   

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