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Greetings to the Autocrat.  I'm glad that the event is on schedule.  Work permitting, I should be able to volunteer to be court/field herald if I'm needed.  As court herald last year, my records for the awards are at your disposal in regards to tracking down past champions.  You may already have this information, but here's what I have in my magical herald's notebook:

Bardic: HL Alden Drake.  I don't have his e-mail handy, but he is the Star Principle Herald, so you should be able to use that address, or alden_drake at sbcglobal.net.

Rapier: The spelling I have is Don Pieter Rausch.  Last year got a little busy, but I believe that's right. I think he's from Bjornsburg.

Chivalric: My listing for the winner is Centurion Evets (I believe his first name in the real world is Steve, wink, wink, nudge, nudge.  No, seriously.)  I never got his full name, but think he's probably Lord Evets von Drachenklaue, from the Shire of Ffynnon Gath. 

Equestrian:  That's right, although I have it spelled Frasier.  I thought I'd double checked all my spelling, but I could be wrong.

My notes on Newcomer are, alas, incomplete.  I have M'lord Trion Caolmne listed by it in court, but didn't put down if he ran it or won it.  

Archery and A&S were, of course, our own folks.  Nuff said.

You may already have much or most of this information, but I hope something in my notes was helpful.  
If there is anything else in which I may be of service, don't hesitate to ask.

Lord Gregor

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>From the Autocrat of Defender of the Fort Greetin's y'all,   Here is the list I have of last year's Champions for Defender.  I am looking for their FULL SCA NAME and their CONTACT NUMBERS.  Please contact me privately if you can help me out.  Thanks.Archery- Lord Lucien
>A&S-John Michel
>Rapier-Don Peter
>Chivalric-Lord Trion
>Eques-Lady Lorraine Fraser
>Bardic-Lord Alden Drake
>Newcomer Champion-McGregor? Event work is moving forward with good headway.  I am always pleasantly surprised, gratified and inspired when individuals volunteer for projects without being asked.  A full list of these wonderful people will be included in a soon to follow update.  Thanks to everyone for your efforts, encouragement and suggestions. In peaceful service to the Barony,Vlod NotVlad "Trust in Allah, but tie your camel."
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