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Ditto here regarding flowers or other needs.

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  I would be happy to contribute to any flowers or thoughts sent to Ld Devin.  Please let me know how / when you need some cash (or even Paypal).  I doubt I'll be attending the service.  I've already sent word to Dev and he knows he can tap me for whatever necessary.

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    I just talked with Ld. Devin, and he told me the services for his mother will be at 7:00 p.m. this Friday at Northwoods Memorial Funeral Home in Houston, with viewing starting at 4:00 p.m.  The family will have a private graveside service Saturday morning.

    This is what I wanted to know:  Has there been any talk about Raven's Fort sending flowers?  I know that the Huntsville Item will be sending flowers, as will one of David's clients (one of the florists in town).  I think that would be a beautiful gesture of support.

    In the meantime, Devin and his family need our prayers, positive vibrations, and support.  This is not an easy time for anybody, and I know that his family is only making things harder on him.

    Here's is the info for the funeral home:

    Northwoods Memorial Funeral Home
    221 W Helms Rd
    Houston, TX

    (281) 448-0393

    Thank you for supporting Devin in this most difficult time.

    Detlef von Marburg

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