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Just a big thank you to Vlad Carpots for taking up my place. I really hate moving but things gotta do what they do. Believe me...I would rather be there than here trying to get all my stuff out and over. Oh well...Happy Holidays to all and I look forward to a great new year here in the Barony.

Devin O'Donnabhain Sweinbrothar

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Greetings from your Crown Tourney autocrat!!
A few things to say this weekend...hope you all had a wonderful holiday and big plans for the bringing in of the New Year!!  
Many thanks go out to Alaric who has stepped up to be the parking attendant!  We had a work weekend a few weekends back and measured out the list field and the parking area.  Unfortunately we wern't able to keep them up because of the upcoming event by the other group, but we got a good idea of how many folks we can park and where.  We also were able to measure out the list field and got it down to a good size area in case we need it.  Things are shaping up nicely!  I hope to get to go back out this upcoming week sometime and throw out some more rye seed as we have a big bag of it left.
Because Devin is moving and wont be able to attend, Vlad has graciously offered to step up and help me by co-autocrating.  Many thanks to him for doing that, everything seemsto be going along very smoothly but its nice to have someone to fall back on just in case and well 1 person cant do everything alone!! SO, he will be taking over as co-autocrat, thanks Devin for your help in this event and good luck on the move!
That being said, we need volunteers!!!!  I have spoken with Elke who is running waterbearing and we will need some volunteers to help keep the patrons hydrated and snacked up.  Also, we need to fill gate shifts.  SO, if you would like to do something to help your barony now is the time!  Please step up and give back to those who have given :)
Also, ACCEPS is now available!  Please make gate folks's lives easier and sign up for ACCEPS!!  I assume that I can send an email out to the Ansteorra list?  Who is sending out the final announcement to the Ansteorra Announce list?  I figure just after the new year would be a good time to do it.  Who ever is doing that can you please get in touch with me off list?  
Thanks to everyone who is a part of this Barony for making this happen!

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