[Ravensfort] A belated correspondence

James Northfolke jamesnorthfolke at gmail.com
Thu May 7 19:02:36 PDT 2009

To Their Sable-Winged Excellencies, right honorable and most especial Lords,
Ladies, and Gentles in dutiful manner I recommend me unto you and having no
better means to make known my willingness to deserve your favor, my
apologies in this tedious letter.

It is with wonderous surprise and a great appreciation of such a high honor
bestowed upon your servant that I shall quote an oft friend that there
appears much joy in him; even so much that joy could not show itself modest
enough without a badge of bitterness.  His Excellency's gracious remarks
were far too kind in measure and most humbly accepted.  Likewise, the
kindheartedness of friendly neighbors shall not be unrequited.

With my thanks for your pains taken and charges bestowed in my award, I
desire to extend to show you my good will shall never be lacking.
>From Raven's Fort, the xvi of April.

By your ever assured and obedient,

James Northfolke
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