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Those Mexicans don't know how lucky they are.  Indeed, mayo made with egg whites!  Only the Irish could think of that....

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The Lord of the Manor would have me announce:
According to the Irish, Cinco de Mayo originated as a memorial
to a tragic loss.
County Mayo lies on the western coast of Ireland and is the
namesake of a emulsified condiment made up mostly of vegetable oil and egg
white.  It is one of the area’s most coveted exports.  Just to
the South at Cobh, also known as Queenstown, Ireland, was the last departure
point of the famous Titanic, on April 12, 1912.  According to Irish
legend, a large shipment of this particular condiment was being sent in the
holds of the great Titanic to be delivered to Mexico.  The Titanic sunk on
April 14, 1912 with a tragic loss of life and all of the precious Mexican cargo. 
Word of its loss reached Mexico on the 5th of May and there was much
remorse, not only for the loss of human life, but also mourning for the loss of
their long anticipated cargo, know, of course, as “Mayo-naise.” 
The date the Mexican’s now mark annually as the “sinking
of the Mayo.”  Or, in Spanish, “Cinco de Mayo.”
Humble scribe to the LoTM,
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