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Fri Nov 6 05:08:01 PST 2009

*Unto the Populace of Stargate and our surrounding neighbors,*
*I am not the Stargate historian, that post is still vacant. However, I have
volunteered to keep up the history webpages. *
*One sad task for this is to keep up the "In Memorium" page. We now have 4
people listed there. (If there are others let me know). Mistress Hillary
suggested that photos of our loved ones might be appropriate for this page.
I can upload photos but I have to have them in order to post them.*
*If anyone has photos of:*
*William Fitzwalter of Wallingsford*
*John the Plain*
*Christoforo Antonio Passavanti*
*Arlene the Soother
*That being said, if anyone has any photos of any of the Barons and
Baronesses of the Stargate that you could scan and/or send to me as an
attachment I would post those to the history pages also. Shanahan, I know
you have one of Myrrdyn ap Rys because I've seen it...if you could scan it
and send it to me that would be wonderful. *
*Please remember to send me a release for the photo. It does not have to
have the people in the picture's release, just you as the owner of the
photograph. I've included the permission form. Print it, fill it out, scan
it and return it to me as an attachment. Alternately you can send it to me
by mail if you can't scan it. I'll scan it and put it in the files then. *
It is by caffeine alone I set my mind in motion, It is by the beans of Java
that thoughts acquire speed. The hands acquire shaking, the shaking becomes
a warning. It is by caffeine alone I set my mind in motion
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