[Ravensfort] This weekend, Nov 7th and 8th.....

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I live off of 2090 between Grangerland and Splendora.  


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What is the location ?
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>  Nov 7th and 8th.....
>Well I still have all kinds of trees I need cut up that are down, so I 
>  have plenty if need be.  
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>  This weekend, Nov 7th and 8th.....
> > 
>We put a significant dent into the 
>  Tavern fire wood pile at the Halloween Party.
>In fact, it is all but 
>  gone.
>If there is a place to replenish from 
>  Ike downed wood I will be willing to pick it up.
>DON'T PANIC !  ( in friendly 
>  green letters )
>We have time to fine enough for 
>  Crown.
>Just looking for 
>  donations.
>Vlod NotVlad
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>>Weekly plug by your friendly neighborhood 
>>    autocrat...
>>This weekend looks to be a gorgeous weekend for 
>>    site work!! anyone that is interested in going to site to work on their 
>>    personal campsites please feel free to do so!! I will be going to Coronation 
>>    in the lands of the North and will not be around, but people are more than 
>>    welcome to go out and work!!  I would like to have a map of personal 
>>    camping areas by the first weekend of January, so find a spot and call it 
>>    yours, just make sure it doesnt belong to someone else 
>>    first!
>>Michelle and I will be out there with grass seed on 
>>    Tuesday about 10am in the tavern area. 
>>If anyone else has any more 
>>    grass seed to contribute please leave it this weekend at site or get it 
>>    up to site or sommat so that we can spread some seed.  We'll start up 
>>    at the front of the area and work our way to the list field.  
>>    Manicuring the fencelines and the trees around the list field, personal 
>>    campsite clean outs, thats about all we have left to do.  
>>Remember next weekend the 14th and 15th is a work 
>>    weekend.  As many folks as we can get out to do group effort stuff 
>>    would be great!  Also, it is going to be cold in January, and 
>>    I'm really pushing this to be a camping weekend, so lets save any 
>>    substantial wood we have for a tourney fire.  Dont want our 
>>    patrons to freeze!!!  
>>Questions, comments, concerns, ideas 
>>    etc...let me know!!
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