[Ravensfort] Underground wire installed

byzytym byzytym at att.net
Sun Oct 4 21:05:03 PDT 2009

Just a thank you to Alaric, Busa, and Patrick, for helping out with the underground trench Saturday.  
The Swein-presence is appreciated.
Team work is a beautiful thing.  
Michael the Gamber is an ace with the tractor.  
Watch out Saint David.  
Three quick scoops and it's on down the line.  
The work went fast and there were just a few roots and one water pipe.  
Oops !  
A quick fix and work is done.  
The rain we've had will help pack down the loose soil and show any trouble spots.  
When the electric is all trimmed, there will be enough juice to power both the kitchen and the tavern.  
Stoves, ovens, microwaves, lights, ... air conditioning.
We will have to come up with some period looking lamp fixtures so we can discretely light Court.
Hard work may be its own reward, but the stuff that comes with it is pretty good too.

Vlod NotVlad
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