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Mon Oct 12 22:19:36 PDT 2009

Thanks to everyone who braved the nasty weekend to come and work out at the new site!!!  The weather wasn't so swell on Sunday, but the rain was great for burning the huge pile that was in the parking lot.
I was able to walk site with Baron Brian and Giovanna to make a layout for upcoming Crown Tourney.  This is a beautiful site, and offers so much that we're going to have a spectacular Crown!!  There are some things yet to do, and Mike if you dont mind making a list of things to post that way for upcoming work weekends, or for those of us that can make it out during the week we know what sorts of things to do.  
I do know that private campsites need to be cleaned up so that the brushog can get through there.  So any big trees need to be chopped down if you want them out of the way.  I also know that there are a few fence lines that need to come down, as well as misc brush and stray limbs that need to be collected out of the way.  We will need to fill in a few holes in the list field area to ensure no twisted ankles!!!  We will also need to make sure that there arent any stray bits of metal in the burn piles that were in the parking area....we may be known for getting folks stuck in the mud but I would hate for us to be known as the tire poppers!! 
Weather permitting Runa, Walla Walla and I will be on site on Wednesday late morning, early afternoon to start snipping down fences so that Mike can move the posts out of the way.  We will also probably need to do some barn roof repairs as the weather has not seemed to be very cooperative with us this week.  

Lets see....many thanks to:
Mike for sure working that tractor!!
Vlod Karpots
Charles, I think you were out there after I left...
and anyone else I didnt see or forgot....
I will post upcoming dates for work weekends.  Remember, anyone that wants to go out during the week just let me know and I can more than likely go out there and help out. Crown Tourney is going to be a camping event, even if its just us Ravens Forters, then lets make sure that the camping area looks fantastic for anyone that might want to stay overnight.


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