[Ravensfort] Site work today, Wednesday...

kris hoffman mirabelis_ at hotmail.com
Wed Oct 14 13:31:21 PDT 2009

Greetings!! This afternoon Runa, Walla Walla and I braved the humidity and went and cut fence line.  All of the fence line that was needing to be cut down has been cut down!! All we need now is to get the posts out of the way and clean out the fence row.  There are some nasty clingy viney things in there and tons of yaupon, oh and lets not forget the ants!!  We had wonderful blood sacrifices and Runa gave up her feet for ant bait!!  But its all cut down we just need to deal with the after effects.


Mike, we piled the barbed wire by the gate on the road at the barn, on top of the gate that was laying on the ground there.  I dont know what you want to do with it but after pulling out all that rusty wire we were pretty much done with it for today!

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