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I have a 50lb of rye grass if you want...


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 awesome on the sign!!!  thats great i know folks from our own group were getting lost!
I think grass seed sounds like a great idea, rye grass seed should be fairly cheap if a few folks just chip in a bag or so when they come out to work on site then that would be great!!  If there is stuff to do after the weekend I'll find some time and a few hands to go out and do some work during the week.  i've had a few week volunteers so we can def get to the barn if it doesnt get done this weekend...been spending my entire week in a barn as it is!!!
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> > Here is the new list for site work at the new site in Conroe. Few
> > things, anyone that can get out there this weekend please please
> > please do, there isnt much left to do before the Oct 31st deadline.
> There should be a few people out there from another group as well. Doug and I will be focusing on getting the parking area all cleaned up and level as possible. This will be a huge improvement. That and the barn mucked out.
> > Mike, is there any way you can get in touch with the county to ask
> > them to replace the Nicholoson Rd sign at the corner??? that would be
> > soooo helpful :) 
> Already been replaced. Brand-new stop sign and road name marker.
> Site is looking really nice.
> I was wondering if we want to throw rye-grass out there for the January event? It will look really nice to have green grass, the stuff that is there will go pretty much dormant for the winter. I have a spreader for the tractor that I can pull around to spread the seed.
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