[Ravensfort] Fw: [ms_shanahan] Update on Lady Lorraine AKA Laura Betenbaugh

John Reuter brian_the_french_norman at yahoo.com
Sun Oct 25 11:39:58 PDT 2009

I wanted every one to read about the update on Lady Lorrain Fraiser our past Equestrian Champion. Please read the followint from Lady Annalies of Gates Edge.


Greetings to all:
Well I have spent a lovely afternoon at M.D. Anderson Cancer Center with Laura.  She is doing better and in fact has gone home.  Laura was found to have a golf ball sized tumor in the Periotal lobe of her brain, surrounded by swelling and blood leakage.  This was discovered as Laura was having problems with spatial relations, she was walking into doors and misjudging locations and thought that she was having a recurrance of a sinus infection and so went to her doctor.  The doctor had a CT scan done on her and discovered the tumor and sent her along to M.D. Anderson.  It was determined that she needed to get off of her blood thinners as they would have to do surgery to remove the tumor which fortunately is totally encapsulated.  They started her on some steroids to reduce the swelling.  This morning she was feeling fine at breakfast, but by lunch she was having trouble with her motor skills in her hands and so was having great difficulty feeding
 herself.  When I arrived a little after two o'clock, she was having noticable problems with her hands.  The nurse came in about 3:30 and gave her a larger dose of steroids and by 4:15 you could see the difference and she could feel the difference herself.  She got a chance to talk to the surgeon who will be doing her surgery, which is the head surgeon of that team and he told her that he would not be doing standard surgery as there were too many things that could go wrong by cutting that deeply into her brain.  He is going to be doing the gamma blade surgery, which is basically a gamma laser beam that pinpoints an area so that they can cut up what is in there and destroy it.  The risk is much smaller although there are still possible problems, they are not nearly so severe.  It will probably be a couple of weeks before the surgery, but she will be having a visit with her surgeon next Wednesday and he will let her know everything at that time. 
 They have to wait until the blood thinners are out of her blood stream as the brain has a lot of problems with the tumor or the surgery due to the bleeding that may be caused by the blood thinners.  She already has some blood seepage.  
Although Laura is doing much better at this time, she still really needs your prayers and well wishes.   Some of you called and chatted with her today and I would like to thank you for doing so.  It makes her feel good to know that her friends care.  I will tell you however that this is a very emotional time for Laura and she does better with text messages as during the calls she tends to breakdown.  
Thank you all so very, very much.  Have a lovely evening.
always your friend,
Annalies AKA Linda

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