[Ravensfort] news and poll needed

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it matters not what weekend we have the yule revel to me. i still got dibs on the bedroom!
devin mellow swein

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Hello everyone, Bryn Gwlad was awesome this weekend and was attended by 4 Raven's Forters. We talked up Crown and many are coming to our event. I also learned from Their Excellency's Stargate that they have changed their Yule to the same weekend as ours. So I am taking a poll to see if you as a Populace want to change it to the next weekend or keep it as is. Please email Runa with this info as I am probably going out of the country unexpectedly with my son tomorrow. His dad has been put in the hospital this am in Ecuador and is not doing well. I will be gone until Nov. 5 or so, not sure , don't know what to expect when we get there. Pace will have our cell but it doesn't work unless we are on the road. Runa hope this is okay with you as our 'administrative assistant! " xo G 

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