[Ravensfort] Changeing the date of Our Yule Revel....

Patricia Schmidt iris20 at sbcglobal.net
Tue Oct 27 18:13:13 PDT 2009

Hey there,

Let's also remember to keep in mind that no matter how hard we try, there
WILL be a conflict somewhere for some one.  The best thing is to let the
majority rule.  December is always a busy time of year for many people,
especially as we get closer to the holidays.  From a personal standpoint,
Stargate changed their date AFTER ours had already been set, right? I also
don't see giving it up to an even later date for Gatesedge, although their
sentiment was nice.  It really boils down to realizing that we can't please
everyone all of the time.  Dec 5 & 12 seem the best dates.  Dec. 19 is
getting very close to the Christmastide holidays and many folk will be
leaving the area or be doing that in short order after the 20th. Whatever
y'all choose to do is well and good. All I would ask is some decent lead
time on the decision.

My 2 shekel's worth,

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