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Mike Gamber lococnc at consolidated.net
Tue Sep 29 06:57:46 PDT 2009

One of the things I would like to suggest is in addition to the regular work weekend schedule that we have a "jobs" schedule. If there are people who have schedules that preclude them from making the work-weekend then maybe they can look at the jobs that need to be done and come out with at least 2 people (don't want someone getting hurt alone) and knock out something like running a weed-eater down a fence line, or picking up sticks or fallen branches that we don't want to mow over in the fields. Some of these things could even be done during the week. Obviously things like moving fallen trees and such will require a large effort by many people all together, but there are plenty of small things that could be accomplished by small groups as well.

All that I ask is that I be notified when someone will be on-site.

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>   Giovanna set this work weekend before Mirabelis and you became
>   co-Autocrats.
>   I believe that almost any weekend would be ok for coming out to work
>   as long as we give Michael a call a head of time.
>   Set a work weekend yourself.
>   That is the nice thing about the SCA.
>   Anyone can call a meeting at any time.
>   It may not be the official populace meeting, but that's ok.
>   Let us know when you'd like us to come out.
>   I'll try to be there if I can.
>   Peace,
>   V NV
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>     Unfortunately, I will be unable to attend the first work weekend. I  
>     have other plans (made back in the Spring) for that weekend. As      
>     Co-Autocrat I was wanting to be there but these things happen. I     
>     will get in touch with Mirabelis and discuss future work weekends.   
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