[Ravensfort] gulfwar pity party

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I was just going on what Giovanna posted on the Raven's Fort list.

">  I like the idea of a kitchen in the barn area at our southern site.I was 
> going to put its new name but it is long!   :)
> I wonder if we could put some see through sheets on the roof that is open 
> in order to create more light in there? That might be a good idea?
> We have some weekends open in March. Maybe we could have a Gulf War pity 
> work party? How many of us could do that?"

I don't know anything about other conversations.

Is there something specific that needs to be done at The Stones ?
There is at ... Timbrend Forest.


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  Greetings to all,

  I'm confused, someone please clarify for me... 
  I thought the gulfwar pity party was going to be held at the Stones of Ravensfort.
  Or at least that's what I got out of the conversations that I've been apart of last month...
  Someone please clarify for this confused soul....

  In Service,


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