[Ravensfort] Fw: [gundysiteimprovemetcommittee] Kitchen, will you help?

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Heilsa all...

The plywood floor in the kitchen has a very sturdy and rebuilt/reinforced frame underneath... It is not "regular" plywood...but 3/4 " tongue and groove exterior grade...sealed and then overcoated with either a farm grade exterior or garage floor paint...maybe even both over the years...

Wæs Þu Hæl in TroÞ and FriÞ...!

Sir Kief

"Better the Hammer than the nail..."

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Subject: [Ravensfort] Fw: [gundysiteimprovemetcommittee] Kitchen,	will you help?

Greetings all,
I am forwarding this message that Michael Gamber made to the site 
improvement committee.
This is a great offering.
I suggested plywood over wood frame for the floor.
The kitchen floor at The Stones is still in excellent shape after twenty 
A few days work will give us a dry, warm ( or cool ) place to cook and 
gather at events.
It will also make it more appealing to other groups, 
which will bring more money in for site improvement.
We should talk about a work date at the next populace meeting.
Volod NotVlad
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OK people, I may soon have every appliance we would need for a complete 
kitchen... 40 Gal water heater, propane stove, Refridgerator/Freezer, 

I also have a roll-up garage door.

What I would like to 
do is convert the two barn stalls into a nice kitchen. I even have a small air 
conditioner we can install.

The catch is I would need to put this 
together pretty quickly as the items are not going to survive sitting 
unprotected in the elements. We would need to get this built pretty quick. It 
will also take some material donations (need to put some minor insulation and 
some kind of interior walls. I have that R panel that I was going to use on the 
roof that would likely make excellent interior wall covering, easy to clean and 

Also need a floor. Concrete would be ultimate. Open to 
cost-effective alternatives.


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