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Fire pits turn into swimming pools when it rains and the holes are a danger to livestock and drivers alike.
Fire mounds are easy to see and create a nice layer of ash which makes starting a fire easy even after a rain.

The Barony has LOTS of navy beans that I could use for the pot luck.

Hail and farewell Lorraine.  A true friend to Raven's Fort.  I will miss you.

Volod NotVlad
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        Pot luck sounds like a fine idea. Let me know what I can bring. If you like,  I may have a big pot lying around if anyone wants to help throw together a stew or pot of chili. I know the stone soup idea last time came out a bit strange with the pasta and all but if we have a target dish with everyone throwing in specific items I think we can do it. 
        By the way, what's up with fire (mound) V/S (pit) ??? Does the Barony just prefer an outty to an inny or does the meaning run deeper? 'Inquiring minds want to know'
        Midievaley toilets were indeed a pit though. Be kind to others, Bury your poo..

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          Well it looks like there will be a party! We will probably come sometime sat. afternoon and spend the night Sat. night. How about a pot luck Sat. early evening? And a fire MOUND that night! Ha!  And as far as porta potties there are bushes and trees! It is midievaley after all! Hey I made up a new word!! 
          DSD, did you set up our officer list the first time? I am wondering how to get into it to make changes! 
              I also would like to make a toast to Lady Lorraine Sat. night too. I am sure we will miss her terribly. What a bummer. She was so awesome. Poor baby. xo G  Give someone a hug today and make them feel special. Our time here is far too short. I love all you guys!!! 
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