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Alright, now I'm thinking (navy) beans and rice. You bring the beans, I'll bring the rice and pick up some sausage. Anyone wanna bake some cornbread? Pies or bananna pudding for dessert? It's taking shape and it's only Tuesday. Thanks  

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Fire pits turn into swimming pools when it rains and the holes are a danger to livestock and drivers alike.
Fire mounds are easy to see and create a nice layer of ash which makes starting a fire easy even after a rain.
The Barony has LOTS of navy beans that I could use for the pot luck.
Hail and farewell Lorraine.  A true friend to Raven's Fort.  I will miss you.
Volod NotVlad

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Pot luck sounds like a fine idea. Let me know what I can bring. If you like,  I may have a big pot lying around if anyone wants to help throw together a stew or pot of chili. I know the stone soup idea last time came out a bit strange with the pasta and all but if we have a target dish with everyone throwing in specific items I think we can do it. 
By the way, what's up with fire (mound) V/S (pit) ??? Does the Barony just prefer an outty to an inny or does the meaning run deeper? 'Inquiring minds want to know'
Midievaley toilets were indeed a pit though. Be kind to others, Bury your poo..
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Well it looks like there will be a party! We will probably come sometime sat. afternoon and spend the night Sat. night. How about a pot luck Sat. early evening? And a fire MOUND that night! Ha!  And as far as porta potties there are bushes and trees! It is midievaley after all! Hey I made up a new word!! 
DSD, did you set up our officer list the first time? I am wondering how to get into it to make changes! 
    I also would like to make a toast to Lady Lorraine Sat. night too. I am sure we will miss her terribly. What a bummer. She was so awesome. Poor baby. xo G  Give someone a hug today and make them feel special. Our time here is far too short. I love all you guys!!! 
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