[Ravensfort] Baronial Fundraiser ala Feast

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Personally, I think its a grand idea.  Let's just not make a big deal out of is so as not to possible offend our benefactors for the feast in the first place.  I say, for those of us who wish to do this, go for it!  And remember, we can donate $$ any time that we like to benefit the Barony, don't forget.  Mmmm, coconuts.... sounds good!
Just my 2 sheckel's worth,

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I do believe that our Reeve; lady Mirabelis, is suggesting that some members of the populace who wish to donate to the barony the cost of the feast instead of just excepting the bounty of our newlyweds and eating a free feast on there bill that we could use the money to buy a much needed item that the barony can use. Such as a large 60x60 pavilion cover, or a more  period pavilion for the barony to use at high profile events. Or even a wagon load of coconuts!


Baron Brian 

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