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Wooot thanks so much for volunteering!! that makes 1 shift left to cover and 1 more warm body to sit with the 2 lovely ladies for the daytripping rush!! 

Come on folks who wants to sit a gate shift?? 


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I am willing to sit the  Sat 9a-12p shift with Phillippa.  (She's my house Bro.)

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Ok change of plans.....see amended sign up below.....


Ok folks, here is the gate list as it is right now.  We still have some shifts to fill so if possible please sign up
 for a shift so our wonderful head gate doesnt have to fill in!!  Also, any help on site Friday afternoon to set up gate would be great!  We will have some drinks and snacks provided to the wonderful folks volunteering to sit gate.  
Gate will open at 4pm Friday and close at 1am Saturday morning.  Gate will open up again at 6am and close at 3pm.
Remember that feast is free for the 100 reserved people.  Runa will have a list of those that have already reserved feast at gate.  When its gone its gone!!

4-7 Devin and Runa

7-10 Giovanna, Chrystal and Daire

10-1 Lemoine and Rosilia 

1-6 Closed

6-9 Daire

9-12 Phillipa and possilby 2 other warm bodies

12-3 Pace, Tareija

3 Closed

Please sign up to do a good dead for the barony!!! Gate is fun and


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