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Fri Dec 2 07:11:19 PST 2011

   Greetings, Last night's meeting was attended by  26 people. The business
portion for Nov. was held first which blended right into our regular
 Our spring event is on hiatus to make way for the Investiture in the
Barony of Bonwiche. We are looking to set a date for Feb. 2013 for our
masked ball.
 Our coffers are low and various fund raisers were discussed. We would love
to make around $1000 to put in our coffers. Our student guild is looking to
do some fund raisers for their group and help for all fund raisers was
offered by all to them and the Barony. Support for each other  is most
important for the health of each group. Our 2012 budget has been submitted
to the Kingdom by our Reeve, Lady Irial.
 Our yearly rental on the storage space will be due soon. The rates charged
us was discussed and a consensus was formed that it is a very good rate.
  Each officer needs to report to our Quartermaster any Baronial items in
their possession that belongs to the Barony. A report will be due to the
Kingdom early next year. All officers are encouraged to update their list
and send it to HE Brian soon.
  We have 3-6 newcomers interested in our group and our hospitaler,
Mistress Shanahan, has been working with them.
  Rapier and Chivalric practices continue to be held when the weather has
permitted. Our chivalric fighters have attended 3 Kings' where our new
fighters got much needed practice and did an excellent job thanks to our
Knight Marshall, Lady Runa with the great teachings of HE Brian and
Centurian Michael. Thanks was expressed also to Don Charles and HE Chrystal
for teaching and molding our new rapier fighters as well. Watch the online
calendar for practice dates and place.
  Several deputies are needed for the offices of Seneschal, Chronicler and
  Brewers guild continues to meet and brew. They will meet this Sat. or
Sun. at noon at the Lizard Keep. Didn't get the day written down!
  Aedan will be teaching an 'Herbalist' class at SHSU on Jan. 3. He will
post more info on this as several of us want to go and support him. Posting
a link to waiver forms was decided as a good idea, one suggested by Lady
Runa in a recent email. Aedan will be doing so soon.
  Our next Bardic guild will be held on Dec. 17 at Chateau Du Val. There
will also be archery and armoring that day, with a pot luck. More info will
be posted about it.
  Yule will be held Dec. 10 at Ridgetop Farm in Centerville. News will be
posted about this as well, along with food planning. Ides how to make the
'Mongolian Gift Exchange' quicker but still fun was discussed.
  Mistress Shanahan was presented with her scroll, made by Lady Klar, for
earning 'The Raven's Fort Feather of Honor'.
  I believe this is most of the news. If I forgot any, as usual, please
clarify or add as need be.

Pasquale and Giovanna
Baron and Baroness of Raven's Fort
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