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 We thank Nedra K. Dunton, known in the SCA as Mistress Ardenia ARuadh, for 
all of her work and dedication over the past four years as the Society 
Children's Officer Coordinator.

In October, 2011, the position of Society Children's Officer Coordinator was 
moved from under the Society Seneschal to a new Deputy position, Special 
Deputy for Family and Youth Programs reporting the SCA President.

Nedra will be assisting the Society Seneschal, Kim Harvey, with 
investigations. Barbara Krege will be the new Special Deputy for Family and 
Youth Programs and will report to the President of the SCA, Inc. Thomas
Effective January 1, 2012 all Kingdom Youth Officers will report quarterly 
to both their Kingdom Seneschal and to Barbara Krege. Barbara will also be 
involved in the development of programs and resources for families,
children, youth and teens.

Thomas W. Hughes,


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