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Fri Jul 8 09:04:30 PDT 2011

Greetings everyone, Last night we held the July Populace. Defender was our
main concern for discussion.Our autocrat HE David brought us up to date on
the latest planning. All is going well except we still do not have a
feastocrat and time is running out. HE David stressed the need for the
person to coordinate the kitchen as most of the cooking is already being
done by different peoples. Please think about helping out in this way.
  Our workdays for Defender were set for August 27-28 and Sept. 10-11. Other
weekends could be available if need be. Mostly the deadfall still needs to
be moved, mowing and spraying done as well. The cooks can clean up the
kitchen area. Mirabelis will be spiffying up the equestrian stalls. The dias
was discussed as to what we should do with it etc.  We still need to
purchase the water and tower for the kitchen. HE Chrystal will do the
invitations. Scrolls were discussed and checked to make sure all were being
  Our site in Willis was discussed as to see if we still wanted to use it.
We discussed the fact that the Stones are usually available. VNV said that
he would be working the site since he would be living closer and would like
to autocrat an event there someday. He will get with Mike Gamber about our
  Lemoine talked about our spring event and several dates are being
requested. As soon as we have a date confirmed he will move forward with it.
It will be a dance/masked ball event with many activities already in the
  We talked about future events we could have and several people are already
interested in autocrating them with great ideas. That is very exciting for
our Barony.
 Our Huntsville demo was discussed for next year. Lord Devin said it will be
Friday and Saturday, April 27/28, 2012. We will be doing not only Sam
Houston but all folk type stuff at that demo. So--- we could have music and
many other things for next year. We discussed the fact that they would like
a concert at night so we brainstormed bands etc. that could assist.
 Our new Chronicler HE Chrystal is looking for submissions for the online
Quoth. It and our website are coming along nicely.
 We honored our new officers- Irial, Gwenlianna and Lemoine.

In love and light,

Pasquale and Giovanna
Baron and Baroness of Raven's Fort
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